Natural Virus Killers

A Natural Detoxification to Rid Your Body of Unwanted … One major virus that affects over 80 percent of the world's … and researcher behind Natural Society.

The human immune system uses natural killer (NK) cells as a weapon against cancer and virus-infected cells. A higher activity of the NK cells corresponds directly to a higher effectiveness in fighting tumors. Researchers at Vetmeduni …

Antiviral herbs build your immune system and protect the body from viruses. Here are the top 10 antiviral herbs, along with benefits and healthy recipes.

How to make a natural "virus" killer.The virus, the team found … It also underlined "the importance of long-term surveillance for viruses in their natural reservoirs." This does not mean we should …

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Many viruses are self-limiting because the body eliminates the virus naturally. Chronic or lingering viruses, as we all know, either don't get better or keep reoccurring.

The seeds of the African bitter kola tree have properties that can kill the ebola virus. … has details of many virus fighting natural remedies which can be …

Staff at Richmond’s animal shelter are devastated at having to euthanize 66 rabbits believed to be infected with a deadly rabbit virus spreading around the … said

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Nature’s Virus Killers. It is the time of year when people around the country start contracting upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold more readily.

Nature’s Virus Killers Updated On Apr 24, 2015 Published On January 1, 2005 Written By Mark Stengler, ND. Centuries before the first caveman, viruses existed on earth.